Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday Weekend Sales!!!

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We have got some fantastic deals for you this weekend - and a one of kind, never-to- be-repeated mini yarn event!!

And if you are tired of shopping, bring your knitting, crocheting, spinning, or whatever craft suits your fancy and come and hang out in the shop to get away from the stampedes at the big box stores!! It may get a little crazy with all the sales, but will always be fun!

We are open our regular hours all weekend!

In this newsletter...
Stash Sale AND 40% OFF patterns, totes, beads & kits!
Schaefer Yarn Company 2 Hour Special Event on Saturday!
December Classes
November & December Classes
Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday!
40% OFF ALL Individual Patterns in the Shop!
And we have THOUSANDS of patterns. We organized them this week, and we have 25 binders FULL of patterns, in addition to what's on display. They are sorted by detailed categories, so you can browse through a book of exactly what you're looking for. Need to make something for a new baby? We have binders full of baby patterns; or a sweater for a gift? We have books of women's sweaters, and cardigans, and vests, and men's patterns and children's patterns and pet patterns and several binders full of shawl patterns and scarf patterns and hat and mitten patterns..... The list is quite endless.

And we've brought back STASH SALE!!
If you've never shopped at our Stash Sale, you should really check it out. Even if you've shopped Stash Sale before, it's worth a new look. We've added some new yarns, including some Alpaca, and we've thrown in a pile of older shop models at drastically discounted prices. Some of them may need a little finishing, or primping, but they are super great buys priced to move. The original yarns cost more than the prices we're charging for the finished (or semi-finished) garments.

Stash Sale is our semi-annual Fundraiser for Animal Rescue. Since last spring, we have raised almost $3500.00 for animal rescue organizations in North Alabama. This season's Stash Sale has yarns ranging from $1. per skein up to about $9 or $10.
40% OFF ALL Beads, Kits & Totes!
If you've been lusting after one of our remaining Hanne Falkenberg Kits or one of the gorgeous hand-dyed shawl kits from HPKY or one of our single or double skein project kits, this is your chance to go crazy. They will not be discounted like this again anytime in the near future.
And since our beaded projects instructor is out of the country for a few months, we're going to sneak behind her back and offer you a great deal on beads - this includes all our seed beads and our larger beads.
Who doesn't need a new Tote Bag? And these make great gifts for your fellow crafting friends - stuff one with a gift certificate, or some yarn and needles and you have the perfect gift for your knitting or crocheting friends. We have Totes from Knit Happy/Crochet Happy, and Walker Bags and BagSmith and Buttermilk Cottage and ???
Schaefer Yarn Company is closing...
and Susan, our Schaefer Yarn Company rep is bringing us ALL the remaining yarn she has in stock, including yarns we don't normally carry - for TWO HOURS on SATURDAY afternoon, from 2pm until we close at 4pm!!
Yes, this Saturday, you will be able to shop from all the yarns that she can get for us - this is a ONE TIME ONLY event. Once Susan packs up to leave, those yarns are gone and not coming back!
So, in addition to Anne, Audrey, Heather, and Nichole, we are supposed to have Chris, Miss Priss,Susan, Laurel, Meryl and even some Andrea! We may even get to see some special limited edition colorways. The wonderful dyer at Schaefer Yarn Company has been known to experiment, and then send those experimental colorways out to the reps to sell directly to shops, instead of adding them to their regular product line.
And as with all our special events, we will be discounting all Schaefer Yarn Company yarns during the event. In celebration of Small Business Saturday, all of our Schaefer Yarn Company yarns, both from regular stock, and the stock brought in by Susan, will be 20% OFF!!
December Classes
UnderstandingGaugeHatOn December Monday, December 10th, and Friday, December 14th, she will be teaching her Understanding Gauge Hat Class. You will learn how to use a gauge swatch to create a perfect fitting garment every time, and knit a cute hat at the same time. This class is based on Anne Hansen's Snug Cap for All Sizes pattern (also due in later this week). The class will meet from 530 to 730 pm on both days and the registration fee is $45.00. Click here for the details.
And Diane's other class is a single session fun and quick project FinFinger Knit Scarfger Knit Scarf class. This class will meet on Wednesday, December 12th from 530 to 730pm. The registration fee is $30.00 and you can click here for more information.

This is a great opportunity to introduce your child or grandchild to the fun of knitting. Diane will accept children as young as 10 or 11 for this class. Children between the ages of 10 and 14 must have a parent or other responsible adult in the shop during the class although, if not separately registered for the class, they will not participate.
And YES, we have CROCHET!!! Sharon Cowan is going to be teaching our group classes and she is starting out with an outstanding offering. On MosaicMobiusSaturday, December 1st, she is going to teach her Marble Mosaic Mobius/Cowl. When she showed me the model, I could not believe it was knitted from our old standby, Marble Chunky, which makes this a washable and practical project and a great holiday gift. This class is for Advanced Beginners and will include reading crochet charts in addition to learning some spike stitches. The class will been from 330 to 630 and the registration fee is $35.00. Read all the details here. This scarf or cowl will also be wonderful crocheted up in Cascade Covington or Crystal Palace Mochi Plus, if you'd prefer something with wool in it.
Sharon and I are working on Introduction to Crochet classes for January and beyond as well as some other great crochet project classes, including a lace shawl and something using Tunisian crochet.
And our last addition to the November and December class schedule is something a little different. On Wednesday, December 26th, Kirsten will be offering a 2 hour Introduction to Ravelry workshop. This is the first of 2 or 3 different Ravelry workshops we will be offering. This one is for beginners, even those of you who aren't Ravelry members yet. The focus of this workshop will be yarn and patterns searches. The workshop will run from 4 to 6pm and the registration fee is $25.00. The flyer with all the details will be in the next newsletter. Future workshops will cover topics from the My Notebooks menu, such as projects, queue, stash, favorites, groups, library and more.
November and December Classes
Roo has rescheduled her Triloom Weaving class tor Saturday December 1st from 4 to 7pm and there are still a few openings left. The TriLoom registration fee is $35.00 and there is a $10. loom usage fee; however, if you choose to purchase your loom from Roo, that fee applies to your purchase price. Click here for more information about this workshop.

Diane has a few openings left in the both the Knitted Snowflakes Workshop and Crocheted Snowflakes Workshop. Knitted Crocheted Snowflake Snowflakes is scheduled for Wednesday November 28th and Crocheted Snowflakes will be held on WednesdayKnit Snowflake December 5th. Both workshops will be held from 530 to 730pm and the registration fee for either is $30.00. which includes your patterns. For all the details, click the workshop title of your choice: Knitted Snowflakes or Crocheted Snowflakes.

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