Monday, April 28, 2014


We've just gotten in some of the most gorgeous wooden yarn bowls, and lots of interesting new fiber and some great lightweight shawl pins for summer.

And it's time for the Classic Elite KnitAlong with their wonderful Prize basket for one lucky winner per shop.

And Sharon wants to host a CrochetAlong!

So read on....

Friday, April 25, 2014

This weekend, we're doing a Sock Weight Yarn Sale and

a bonus sale on clearance yarns - we marked a hundred or more skeins down to 40% off and this weekend, they're on special at 60% off.And we have 3 new classes beginning in the next few days, so if you've been thinking about signing up but not committed, now is the time!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Design Your Own Yarn Sale!!! And Welcome Back to Debit Cards - we finally have a PinPad again!!

We are having a Sale on Lace-weight yarns, but it's not about working with lace-weight yarns; it's about the wonderful things you can do when you combine these wonderful yarns.  

We are having a Very Special
& slightly Different Sale,
from Thursday through Sunday,
to encourage you to create your own 
special one-of a kind yarn blends
using lace weight yarns.
You combine multiple strands of lace weight yarns to create the color and texture and weight you want, and then use patterns designed for fingering, sport, DK or even worsted weight yarn to come up with something totally unique. Yes, our shop staff will help you figure it all out. 
We've got some samples in the shop for you to check out using Cascade Alpaca Lace, Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace, Shibui Silk Cloud, Shibui Cima, Zitron Filigran, Alpaca Yarn Company Suri Elegance, JoJoLand Consonance and more.

So here's the sale part:
30% off any LaceWeight (Size 0) yarn - buy 5 or more skeins and they're 40% off; laceweight yarns already on sale are a bonus 10% off but don't count towards the 5 or more discount.

And crochet cottons are considered lace-weight, so they're included in the sale as are glittery and sequined carryalongs - so you can go for bling, or you can go for fuzzy; you can do solids, tonals, or mix them together - they sky's the limit. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Books Patterns and Magazines Blowout Sale!

Orange Stickered Books Patterns and Magazine are ALL 50% OFF through Sunday!!
Regular Price Books, Patterns and Magazines are 35% OFF through Sunday!

We've just orange stickered hundreds of patterns and piles of books, and will be marking more down throughout the weekend.

And our PinPad is finally on it's way, overnighted this morning, so we should start accepting debit cards again sometime on Friday or Saturday. 

Don't forget to sign up for some of our great classes while you're in the shop.

Monday, April 7, 2014


We've got a full schedule of knitting and crocheting classes set for April, May and on into June. We're offering Knitting 101 and Crocheting 101 again, and Crocheting 102 in addition to other classes for different skill levels.

Registration is now open on all of these wonderful classes: Flyers for all the classes are available at the shop and were sent out with the newsletter. If you need me to email you a copy, just ask - We should also have the up-to-date flyers on the website by the end of the week (I hope):