Thursday, April 10, 2014

Books Patterns and Magazines Blowout Sale!

Orange Stickered Books Patterns and Magazine are ALL 50% OFF through Sunday!!
Regular Price Books, Patterns and Magazines are 35% OFF through Sunday!

We've just orange stickered hundreds of patterns and piles of books, and will be marking more down throughout the weekend.

And our PinPad is finally on it's way, overnighted this morning, so we should start accepting debit cards again sometime on Friday or Saturday. 

Don't forget to sign up for some of our great classes while you're in the shop.

Books and Patterns Super Blowout Sale!
ALL CLEARANCE (Orange-sticker) Books and Patterns
Normally 25% OFF:
50% OFF 
Thursday through Sunday

We've marked down 3 tubs of patterns and a pile of books, so there's lots of new stuff in the orange-sticker pile, and I'll be adding more throughout the weekend.

ALL Regular Price Books, Patterns and Magazines:
35% OFF
Thursday through Sunday 

Bunches and bunches of Classes!!
Registration is open on all of these wonderful classes and some of them are starting to fill up: Click on the class name to read all the details.

Your First Socks; April 16th, 30th and May 7th; 530-730pm; $65.

Summer Garden Path(Crossed Stitch) Cowl: April 23rd; 530-730pm; $25.
Crochet Essentials 101: April 26th, May 3rd & 10th; 430-630pm; $65.

Crochet Essentials 204 Summer Shawl: April 27th, May 4th & 11th; 430-630pm; $65.

Your First Sweater: April 28th,  May 12th & June 2nd; 530-730pm; $65.

Knitted Market / Beach Bag: May 3rd & 17th; 930-1130am; $45.

It's Baby Time (Knit a Baby Layette):  May 5th, 19th & June 9th; 530-730pm, $65.

Crocheted Baby Surprise Jacket; May 6th & 13th; 530-730pm, $45.

Crocheted Sanibel Shawl: May 10th, 24th & June 7th; 9-11am; $65.

Knitting Essentials 101: May 14th, 21st & 28th; 530-730pm, $65.
Crochet Essentials 102: May 17th & 24th; 5-630pm; $35. 
Crocheted Summer Top: May 26th & June 9th; 530-730pm; $45.

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