Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Knitting Essentials 102 starts this Saturday!

And you will want to read all about the expansion; and come and check us out. We're still in-process, but the construction mess is gone! It's all just so exciting!!

Knitting Essentials 102 starts this Saturday!
OK, you've learned how to knit and purl, now get ready to learn how to increase and decrease in Knitting Essentials 102, starting this Saturday, February 23rd. This 3 session class will meet from 9 to 11am. The registration fee is $65.00. Read all the details here.

Shop Expansion Update!
The wall is down, and the rearranging of furnishings and displays has begun.
The main entrance to the shop has shifted. Since we now have 3 spaces, the new front door is the one in front of the register counter. Yes, by all the empty racks waiting for baskets and new yarns!!
Most of the construction mess is gone, although we're not quite done. We'll be moving a door next week, and replacing ceiling tiles, and rearranging the exit signs and a ceiling fan and adding some accessible electricity near the table. I know, too much information, but I'm all excited and want to share it with you!!
Furniture and display baskets and gridwall brackets are inbound over the next few weeks, so you'll want to stop by regularly to see how it's all coming along.
The yarns that have been somewhat hidden away for most of the past week are now back where you can reach them again. And we'll have all sorts of wonderful new yarns and spring yarns and booklets coming in over the next few weeks.

Sign up for Upcoming Classes!
Our Dianes will be offering a wide range of single and multi-session knitting classes and workshops classes over the next month and a half:
starting with:
FinFinger Knit Scarfger Knit a Scarf - this class uses Lana Grossa's Big and Easy yarn and knits up in no time at all. Absolutely no knitting experience is needed for this class, and it's lots of fun. This class starts this Sunday February 24th from 430 to 630 and the registration fee is $25. You can read the details here.
Lace Infinity Scarf - this two session class begins next Monday February 25th and finishes on March 25th so that you can get the body of your scarf knitted up before learning the finishing techniques. The fee for this class is $65. and the details can be found here.
KNITTED Broomstick Lace - yes - knitted, not crocheted - are you excited yet?? Come join us on Saturday March 2nd, from 4 to 6pm and learn to knit up this fun scarf. Read all about it here; the registration fee is $25.
On Monday March 4th, come join us for a Knitted Necklace and Earrings class from 5 to 8pm. Click here for the details - the registration fee is $35.
Another great techniques class is Waves - a variation of the Waves Closeup classic Seafoam Scarf - on Sunday March 17th, from 4 to 6pm. The fee for this class is $25. and you can read the details here.
And then we'll be offering a reprise of the Understanding Gauge Hat Class on March 18th and 22nd. Registration Fee is $45. Click here for the details. This a fantastic class for learning how to adjust a pattern to make your hand-knitted garment fit properly.

And more Great Classes for our Crocheters!
GrannySquare For our Novice Crocheters, our next class is Crochet Essentials 103 - Granny Squares! This three session class will begin on Saturday March 16th; the registration fee is $50. and you can read all the details here.
And our second Crocheted Shawl class - this one features Kollage Yarn's Sister Shawl (the crocheted version) and incorporates a laceSisterShawl border that is lovely. Click here to read all about Crochet Essentials 204 -Working with Lighter Weight yarn. This 3 session class will begin on Saturday March 16th from 4 to 530pm. Click here for the details. The registration fee is $50.

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