Friday, March 15, 2013

Lots of Classes starting in the next few days, plus our yarn sale has been expanded, and much more, so read on! And tell everyone you know that Yes, we DO have Mesh Yarns - all different kinds, IN STOCK NOW!!!

In this newsletter...
Waves Class, Understanding Gauge, Lace Infinity Scarf and Something New!
Granny Squares and Sister Shawl!
Expanded Yarn Sale Now!!
Another Expansion Update and some Icky Stuff
More Mesh Yarns
Waves Class this Sunday; Understanding Gauge Hat Class on Monday and Choose your own Project Class next Saturday!
And the rescheduled Lace Infinity Scarf starts on Tuesday!

There are still a few slots for this weekend's Scarf class:  Waves -
a variation of the Waves Closeup classic Seafoam Scarf - this Sunday March 17th, from 4 to 6pm. The fee for this class is $25. and you can read the details here. 

Understanding Gauge Hat Class begins on Monday March 18th and meets again on Friday, March 22nd. There are still a few openings in this class as wGaugeHatell. Registration Fee is $45. Click here for the details. This a fantastic class for learning how to adjust a pattern to make your hand-knitted garment fit properly. You will knit a hat, butLaceInfinityScarf learn skills that will apply to all your knitting projects.

Yes, Diane has rescheduled the Lace Infinity Scarf class and the new class will start this Tuesday, March 19th (from 5 to 8pm) and  will finish up on Monday, April 22nd. The registration fee still $65.00. Click here for the updated flyer and registration information.   

And we have a new class on the books starting next Saturday: Kirsten has titled it "Choose Your Own Project." Some students in one of her Knitting Essentials class decided they wanted to try a simple sweater, but they weren't sure if they all wanted to make the same one, so we created this class. It will meet on March 23rd, again 2 weeks later on April 6th and then 3 weeks later to hopefully finish up on April 27th. All Plymouth 1720 pattern 3 sessions are scheduled from 9 to 11am.  The registration fee is $65.00 and the class is about half full so far. Several students are considering making the Raglan Sweater shown in this photograph - it's a great sweater because it's knitted from the top down, mostly in one piece, so there's very little sewing and it's easier to make the sleeves or the body longer or shorter to suit your particular needs. And it knits up quickly with worsted weight yarn, but you can make it out of wool, or a blend or cotton or any of our worsted weight summer yarns. We don't have a flyer for this one, since there's not really a picture, or a sample or a recommended materials list. If you have questions, please call Kirsten at the shop or email me at 

But if there's another sweater you'd like better, that's ok too, or even something other than a sweater - we have many of our spring or summer books coming in with lots of great new stuff  (If this miserable cold weather will ever end..... I don't know about you, but my poor daffodils froze this year - they are all kinds of wet and droopy looking).  
 Granny Squares Starts on Saturday!
GrannySquare Our next crochet class is Crochet Essentials 103  - Granny Squares!  There are so many things you can make with granny squares (it's not just about afghans any more). This three session class starts this Saturday March 16th and there are still some openings; the registration fee is $50. and you can read all the details here. 

 The crocheted Sister Shawl 3 session class began this past Monday, but if you missed the 1st session and are still interested, email me - the class isn't very full so we can accomodate a later arrival and just add in some extra time to give you all the attention you need. This pattern incorporates a laceSisterShawl  border as the shawl is crocheted. Click here  to read all about Crochet Essentials 204 -Working with Lighter Weight yarn. Click here for the details. The registration fee is $50.
're still wai
Expanded Yarn Sale Event!
In Stock Select Plymouth and JojoLand Yarns on Sale!
These select Plymouth yarns are now
30% OFF 
Taria Tweed
Mulberry Merino
Baby Bunny
Nazca Wind
Worsted Merino SW
And we've added some JojoLand yarns at
25% OFF 
Rhythm (but not the Superwash)
 & Harmony 
The sale is limited to in-stock merchandise only. Once it sells out, it's gone. Special orders will not be accepted at the sale prices. This is a "what you see is what you get" sale - we need to make room for new and classic colors of Encore and other new yarns that will be coming in over the next few weeks.  
Please Note: InStock Plymouth and JojoLand yarns not listed here are not included in this sale event.
Expansion Update (and some icky stuff):
Ran into some contractor problems, so we're still a bit messy, but hope to have it all worked out in the next week or two.

In the meantime, we've moved the casual seating area, and the books are all loaded on the bookshelves by category, and Sarah is working on patterns and we've gotten lots of the spring and summer yarns out on display.

And now, for the icky part. We've had to put in a Security Camera system because we are having a serious shoplifting problem. If you see someone in the shop and you think they may be getting ready to take something, or have seen them do so, let the sales staff know. The cameras blanket the entire shop thoroughly, so they can watch them without having to get confrontational, and we are recording it all, so that we can prove it.

Yarn Expressions is a small shop, and when someone takes something from us, they are taking it from me - there are no deep pockets here. I have to pay for it, whether someone pays us for it, or takes it without paying. The shop isn't making a profit yet, because we're still getting rid of old yarns for less than what was paid for them, and investing in improvements and there's a limit to how much I can spend. I shouldn't have to pay for people stealing. Wouldn't you rather I spent the money on great new yarns and needles and good stuff?

Another icky subject - right after the Christmas holidays, we had someone write a bad check. When reached, she promised to pay for it that weekend, but she's never come in. So, now, two months later,  having followed the District Attorney's required procedures, I am going to be swearing out a warrant for her arrest. I hate to do it, and we've given her numerous chances to make good, but again, the pockets are not that deep. We've had bad checks before, although not many, and they've always been made good. This time, we weren't so luck. We will be revising our check procedures for new customers over the next few weeks. This won't affect our regular customers, but I felt you should know what's going on since it will sometimes delay the cashiering associate working the register.
More Mesh Yarns - Tell all your friends!
We have a nice assortment of Mesh yarns back in stock, so if you know anyone looking for some, tell them we have it.
And we have more coming in: Starbella and Starbella Stripe, Starbella Flash, Joy Ruffle in great summery shades of blue, Joy Metallic, and more, including some of those colors you've been asking about. They are shipping from our distributor as fast as they come in to them, but we're only able to get limited quantities - and we probably won't be able to get more of some of them after this. A lot of them are being discontinued.

And while you're in, check out the fun fingerknit scarves you can make out of them - we have a few in the shop for sale and the pattern is available on Ravelry.

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