Saturday, June 14, 2014

World Wide Knit in Public Day (Week) begins TODAY!! So come out and knit or crochet or spin or????

We are having a sale to celebrate WWKIPD and we are actively encouraging you to come out and Knit or Crochet in Public, either in our shop, or at the WWKIPD get together at Books-a-Million on North Parkway, or anywhere else you feel like it. Pick you favorite coffee shop and grab some friends, or your favorite bookstore or ??? And sit and knit, crochet, spin, weave - make something wonderful out of fiber.

I will be travelling this week, but I can promise you, I will be knitting or crocheting in public, everywhere I go (a flight attendant on my last flight last week wanted the shawl I was crocheting)!

And don't forget, we have a bunch of great knitting and crocheting classes coming up; they are listed in the newsletter below.

We have two new ones we'll be adding this week - Kirsten will be offering her Cozy Cowl 2 session workshop on Wednesday, July 9 and 16 from 530 to 730 and another session of Knitting Essentials 101 beginning on July 15th - if while knitting (or other fibercrafting) in public, anyone asks, please mention that we have introductory knitting and crocheting classes coming up and that we also offer private lessons for those in need of a more flexible schedule.

World Wide Knit in Public Day!!
Well, technically it should be WWKIP Week! because it starts this Saturday, June 14th, and runs through next Saturday, June 21st, and we are celebrating the whole week with a mini-sale.

For us here at Yarn Expressions,  "knit" means "do something fun with fiber" and what's important is the IN PUBLIC part.

For those of you unfamiliar with WWKIPD, click here to go to the official website and read all about it. OK, now that you've done that, let me tell you what's going on here in our area.

First, and always the most important, we are having a sale - Saturday to Saturday - just a little sale, but a sale - 10% OFF everything in the shop, and that includes the sale and clearance merchandise.

There's more: A WWKIPD event has been scheduled for June 14th at Books--a-Million on North Parkway. A copy of the flyer with all the details can be found here.

While we are not the event sponsor, we are contributing. If you stop by Books--Million during the event, and hopefully sit for awhile and knit or crochet or spin, or ?, you can pick up a discount coupon from us. You can use this coupon during the sale for an additional discount, OR any one time in June or July. How much is this coupon for? Well, it depends. If you are one of our existing customers, the coupon is good for 10% OFF, but if you haven't shopped with us before, or not in many many years, and aren't in our database (separate database for transactions vs. newsletter), then we will be considering you to be a new customer, and your coupon will be worth 15%. 

Yes, existing customers, we have had complaints that you guys get all the great deals, so we're turning it around, just this one time.

And there's more - as those of you who shop with us regularly know, we offer classes and private lessons that we charge for, and then we will help you, when we can depending on how busy we are, at no charge, for a few minutes. Well, for WWKIPD,  we are going to have Sharon, who can do some of almost everything ever tried with fiber, in the shop, on both Saturdays, from 12 to 430, just to help you with problems. She won't be cashiering or working other regular shop things - she will just be here to help, so if you've got some UFOs (UnFinished Objects) in need of getting back on track, bring them in on Saturday, June 14th or Saturday, June 21st and we'll see how we can help you with them. Right now, we're just scheduling this as a "drop in when you want to and sit and knit / crochet / spin  for awhile," but if the 14th gets very busy, we'll put together a schedule for the 21st so you can sign up to bring your UFOs in for help. If we're super busy, we may add an extra mid-week help session. 
CLASSES Starting this week!
There are still some openings in the classes starting this week.
Click on the class name for all the details:

Crocheted Broomstick Lace Scarf: a 1 session workshop: Saturday afternoon at 430pm, 14 June; $30. 
 Crochet Essentials 102: Crochet in the Round: a 2 session class: Tuesday (not Saturday as shown on the flyer, and not June 17  - both typos I can't fix right now - sorry - corrected copies at the shop)  evenings at 530pm, starting 10 June. $35.
Crochet Essentials 103: Granny Square Blanket: a 3 session class (2 hours each, another typo in the flyer that I can't fix right now): Tuesday evening at 530p, starting 24 June; $65.

Crochet Essentials 104: Bavarian Cowl: a 1 session workshop: Wednesday evening at 530pm, 25 June: $30.
Crocheted Lucci Cowl: a 1 session workshop: Sunday afternoon at 430pm, Sunday 29 June; $30.
Christmas in July (Knitting): a 3 session class: Monday evenings at 530pm, starting on 7 July; $65.

Blocking Essentials: a 1 session workshop: Saturday morning at 930am, 12 July; $30.

Christmas in July (Crochet): a 3 session class: Wednesday evenings at 530pm, starting 15 July; $65.

Crochet Essentials 101: Learn to Crochet: a 3 session class: Tuesday evenings at 530pm, starting on 5 August; $65.
We have more classes in the works, but we wanted to get you started with these. Some of the other classes we're working on is a needle felted scarf class, a needle felted "critters" class, a triloom class, possibly a children's knitting class, a ZoomLoom workshop, a class using weaving sticks, something in the late fall on RIgid Heddle looms, and ????? What else would you like to see?

It's KnitAlong CrochetAlong Season!
The Classic Elite KnitAlong is in process - if you're making something from one of this season's books using CEY yarn, and you bought both the yarn and the book from us, make sure we have you on the sign up list to be eligible for the Gift Basket prize. Make sure we have pictures of your completed project by 25 July.

Sharon is working on a Crochet Along - it will meet once a month, on a Saturday afternoon. You can work the project on your own, or you c200CrochetBlocksan participate in the group. The group will run like a group class, at a discounted rate from our private lessons, and you will be able to sign up for as few or as many sessions as you want.  We will be crocheting squares from Interweave's 200 Crochet Blocks, starting with simple ones and increasing in complexity. Since the book does have 200 blocks, if you're an intermediate or advanced crocheter, you can skip the simple ones if you choose to do so, but Sharon has a plan for beginners to develop their crocheting skills. We are hoping to start up in late July and continue indefinitely, as long as their is interest.

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