Monday, December 17, 2012

25% OFF Luxury Yarns and "Bling" and More!


Now it's time for you to take a break from knitting and crocheting gifts for everyone else, and come in and splurge on yourself!!

In addition to the supersoft luxury yarns and fun glittery stuff, we're also having a sale on Stocking Stuffers for the knitters and crocheters in your life - all of our tools, notions, totes, project bags and shawl pins are on sale as are our kits, calendars and spinning fiber.

In this newsletter...
25% OFF Sale! Luxury yarns, "Bling" & More
Conductive Yarn for Phone, Pod & Pad friendly gloves
New and Restocked Goodies!

Luxury Yarns, "Bling" & More Sale!!
25% OFF
All Yarns containing at least 20% (alone or combined) Cashmere, Silk, Bison, or Llama
All Tools, Notions, Accessories,
Totes, Needle Cases, Pouches, Project Bags & Shawl Pins
All yarns containing Glitter, Sequins, Beads or other "Bling"
Calendars, Kits
Spinning Fiber, LazyKates
This sale will run from Monday through Monday.

New Product - Conductive Yarn!
This is a steel -based conductive thread to use on the fingertips of gloves (hand-knit or commercial) so that you can use the touch screen features of your phone or pad without taking your gloves off!
Diane tested several different products & techniques for us & has written up a handout that explains the best way to use it. And she knitted a sample glove with conductive tips so that you can see how it works!

Lots of New Stuff - and some old Favorites!
A limited quantity of Orange and Blue Mesh yarn is back in stock. It is hidden away in back so that you get first chance at it. If you come into the shop in the next few days, you will have to ask for it. Since this is the last we'll get before the holidays, we are limiting it to 4 skeins per customer and will sell it until it runs out. It is not on sale. Any that is left at the end of the week will go out for everyone to purchase.
This week's other restocks and new merchandise include white sheep tape measures from Lantern Moon, a few more of their Meadow pouches and all kinds of seriously cute StitchMarkers (Sheep, Snowflakes, Hearts, Strawberrys, and more). We've also got a restock of the little KnitHappy MicroSticky pads.
We have limited quantities of several super bulky/super chunky yarns in stock - knit or crochet a cowl or hat in a few hours - if I can do it (slowest knitter on the planet), then so can you. The shop staff has several free patterns available.
We also have a super fun bulky NEON colored yarn - and cute patterns for kids that use it. We have it in bright orange, green, pink and lemonlime.
We've got "fur" from Erika Knight, and a wool based mesh yarn called Safira, and new colors of Fiesta's Starburst LaBoheme in the most gorgeous colors, and a little of their Starburst Rayon Boucle. And Crochet Cotton with glitter is back in 13 colors and on sale!
Great Adirondack Dangles is in and on sale - it's almost a carry along, with dangly sequins. Knit it on large needles paired with complementary color crochet cotton for a quick holiday glitter scarf (or crochet it)!
And don't forget Plymouth Holiday - it's Encore with glitter and great for hats and scarves and tree skirts

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