Tuesday, July 2, 2013

NEW CLASSES ADDED TO THE SCHEDULE!! More details on the scarf project! Nova Cubics!

We've added Blocking Essentials, Felted Sheep, and Crocheted Broomstick Lace to the list!!

SIX Classes Currently Available for Registration!
There are a few spots left in this fun one-session
knitting workshop, to make this lovely StarCrossed Cowl.  The workshop is this upcoming Sunday, July 7th from 330 to 530pm.  Here are the details.  The registration fee is $25.00.
CrochetWingspanAnd we are finally offering Crocheted Wingspan (a workshop to create the crocheted version of the popular knitted shawl), beginning on Saturday, July
 13th, and continuing on July 20th and August 3rd, from 4 30 to 630pm. The registration fee is$65.00, and the flyer is here. We have a new shop sample of this one. Come in and try it on.

NEW CLASS GREAT NEW CLASS:  BlockingToolsBLOCKING ESSENTIALS Kirsten has put together a wonderful single session class, to be held this first time, onSaturday, July 13th, from 9 to 11am.Click here  for the details. The registration fee is $25.
CEY Scarf for 102
Kirsten is going to be teaching part 2 of our Introductory knitting series - Knitting Essentials 102. This class will be held on Wednesday afternoons, July 24th, 31st and August 14th, from 530 to 730pm. The registration fee is $65.00. Read more here.  There are only a few spots left in this class, so sign up today.
AND ONE MORE Class: SHEEP! Felted SHEEP! Yes, we are doing a single session Needle Felting Class
 on Saturday August 24th from 430 to 630pm - I took this at market last week and it was so much fun, so I ordered extra kits and here we are. We also have other felted creature kits on order, in addition to some we already have in stock but we'll be doing sheep in the class. Click  here for the details. The registration fee for this one session class is $45. but that includes your kit and tools to create your first sheep.
Another crochet class is on the books for Sunday, July 21st from 330 to 6pm - students should have their Crocheted Broomstick Lace Scarf wellcrocheted broomstick laceunderway by the end of the class. We've done the knitted version, now it's time to try the crocheted version. A draft version of the flyer is attached. It's all good but the picture isn't of our shop sample..... The flyer is here
The Sanibel Shawl class is being rescheduled again, this time to weekend hours that will better meet the needs of those interested in it. Monday evenings just didn't work for too many folks. So, watch this space - 
hopefully, we'll have the dates set my the next  newsletter. The registration fee is $65.00. 
And more classes are coming - Crocheted Baby Surprise Jacket is still projected for for early September (is there any interest in taking the Knitted Surprise Jacket class? - we haven't offered it in awhile...) and both Dianes are working on some other knitting classes, and Kirsten is working on a sock class (just a little different from the one taught by Diane) and also Crochet Essentials  
Let us know what you want and we'll see what we can come up with.
Semper Fi CommunityTask Force
Knitting/Crocheting Project
We've had a number of volunteers step up so we are now working on the details - If you haven't had a chance yet, just hit the reply button and do so today. 
While I was at market last weekend, I hit up most of my bigger suppliers for donations and we already have 4 shawls worth in shop and more coming. For those of you who have said you want to contribute the yarn as well as the labor, you can basically get started. What we're going to do for you is this: you buy the yarn, and make the shawl - when you turn the shawl back in to us, we will give you a 30% credit of the purchase price of the yarn - so you'll get the yarn at 30% off, once you've completed the shawl. Please hold onto your ball bands and bring them back in when you bring in the shawl. We'll need them to correct the bookkeeping, and also to provide care instructions to the recipient.
So, if you're want to buy the yarn for your project, just come in anytime that suits you - any of the shop staff can help you decide what to make. There are lots of wonderful free knitted and crocheted shawls, wraps and stoles patterns on Ravelry. You can work with any weight of yarn you choose, any color, any fiber - since there is no way of knowing what gowns will be donated, the Task Force just needs whatever we can give them.
If we're providing the yarn, I'm hoping to start allocating projects in about 2 weeks - giving some of my other vendors a chance to get their contributions in. We have a relatively long lead time so we should be good. The Marine Corps Ball is in November, around Veteran's Day, we want to deliver the shawls in October so they can pair them with the gowns and get them ready for their recipients.
Again if you're willing to participate in this project and haven't signed on yet, please send me an email (you can reply to this newsletter) and let me know. Please include your phone number, what kind of project you would like to make, and if you're not a frequent visitor to the shop, some information on your skill level. 
Lots of Yarn Tasting NEWS!! Read on....
We've got a summer of knitting and crocheting fun planned for you.

 We have a new Classic Elite trunk show in the shop this week, and expect to have them continually for the rest of the summer and into the early fall. Click here to preview the books or come into the shop to check out all the details.

Yarn and Needle Tasting - this summer we have a slightly different tasting planned - we're going to taste needles (well, and some yarn also - you need yarn to try needles). Knitter's Pride is send us tasting samples of all of their different needles, so if you've always wanted to try Cubics, or the new Karbonz in the larger sizes, or Dreamz or Nova, this will be your chance.
EXCITING NEEDLE NEWS:  We anticipate having a few preview sets of the NEW NOVA CUBICS available to play with at the tasting. They hadpre-production samples at market, so we got to look at them, but they won't be delivered until some time in late August or September at the earliest. I have sweet-talked our distributor to loan us a couple pairs of the interchangeable pre-production set just for the event. Our rep, Susan, will bring them on Saturday and take them back on Sunday, so if you're not there, you'll miss this chance.
The event dates are Saturday August 17th and Sunday August 18th,
with the $10 registration fee going to Animal Rescue as always. The signup rosters for  both days of the tastings are in the shop so you can sign up any time. Flyers are waiting on someone reminding me to take pictures to put on them - I keep forgetting when I'm in the shop.

We have confirmed Frog Tree Yarns, suppliers of Ewetopia, Merino Melange, Pediboo and Picoboo yarns, for the tasting and Muench Yarns, our Knitter's Pride distributor will also be sending us some of their yarns to taste as well. Frog Tree is a not-for-profit company operating underFair Trade practices. Click here  for their website; read about how they do business, and check out their marvelous yarns - the line isn't large but it's wonderful - alpaca and merino and silk and all reasonably priced; and we're getting ready to expand our offerings from Muench - they have an amazing winter weight yarn that is spun from dyed roving by a bunch of ladies in Germany, instead of machine spun and then dyed. One person spins the entire batch of a specific colorway so that the yarn is consistent. This yarn has been around for something like 30 or 40 years, but hasn't really been available in the US market for awhile. The yarns are gorgeous - I fell in love with several colors at market. While we only carry a few yarns from Muench, for the tasting, you'll be able to check out the entire line.

We will have carry  home samples of yarn from both vendors, as well as the best of their yarns to taste and lots and lots of models to check out. And doorprizes, did I mention door prizes? And we're supposed to have doorprizes from Knitter's Pride as well....

Susan Hope, our Muench and Frog Tree rep, will be in the shop for both events, armed with color cards and answers to all your questions. As with our previous tastings, you can order one skein or a hundred, of any of the yarns sold by Frog Tree or Muench, or any of the needles or hooks, or notions, even if we normally don't carry them, and get a discount as well.  Some of you may remember Susan - she was in the shop at Thanksgiving when she brought us all that wonderful Schaefer Yarn that is no longer to be had.....
Mesh Yarns Sale
Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!
All Regular Price Mesh Yarns - Starbella, Starbella Stripe, Starbella Flash, Moda Lame, Marina Glitz, Frilly, Argentina, Flora, Bodega, Joy Ruffle and Joy Metallic, and Glee! 
Come in and Get it Now - Once it's Gone, IT'S GONE!
Many of these mesh yarns are no longer available for reorder which is why we have them on sale. We are not able to get more of most of them.

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