Sunday, July 21, 2013

We're Hiring!, we've got new classes, there are still openings available for the yarn and needle tasting and

the Classic Elite Knitalong deadline is coming soon, so I need those finished project pictures.

Lots of good stuff in this newsletter, so read on!

IMPORTANT IMPORTANT IMPORTANT: If I've talked to you about coming to work for us, or even if I haven't, if you're interested, read the newsletter and send me an email. I want to get someone on the schedule for the beginning of August to start training!!!

In this newsletter...
We're hiring again!
Yarn Tasting - Time to Sign up!
Semper Fi Shawl Project
Upcoming Classes
Classic Elite KAL ends soon!
We're hiring again! Are you still interested?
I know I've spoken to several of you in the past who've expressed an interest in coming to work for us, and we now are [finally] hiring again. So, if you're still interested, please reply to this email and let me know. And if you've spoken to the shop staff but not to me directly and are still interested, email me. I would like to talk to folks this week, and have someone on board for training by the beginning of August.
This is a part-time (very part-time) position and the pay is not great, but there is an employee discount on shop merchandise. You must be able to knit, and help others with knitting projects. Crocheting or spinning experience are a plus. Obviously, you must be comfortable around computers, since they are part of how we run the shop. Microsoft Office experience is almost a necessity. We use Word, Excel and Publisher for various shop operations. You need to have an active email account that you check daily, and texting on your phone is preferred but not required.
The person who fills this position can expect to work at least 2 or 3 weekend days per month, most Fridays, and a random selection of other days, with emphasis on Thursdays and Fridays as we get closer to the holiday season. 
The first month is basically training, and then we go from there. Feel free to stop by the shop and talk to the staff if you'd like to know more about the job from their viewpoint. Beth and Kirsten have been trying to civilize me, as a boss, but with less success than either would like.
The Yarn Tasting is only a few weeks away!
Another new Classic Elite trunk show is in and more are coming. Clickhere to preview the books or come into the shop to check out all the details. The nice folks at CEY have finally figured out that I like being able to show you models, so they have basically got us on the schedule for trunk shows all the time. We should have a trunk show or two in from them every 2 or 3 weeks indefinitely, and each one will be different.
Click here for your flyer on theNeedle and Yarn Tasting; then come into the shop and sign up. If you've been before, you know how much fun they are, and if you haven't, well, this is a great first time, since we actually have enough room in the shop to do this properly since the expansion.
August 17th or August 18th - both dates are currently available, and your $10 registration fee goes to animal rescue. And did we mention that there will be lots of doorprizes and samples to take home?
If you're not familiar with FrogTree yarns, their yarns are ridiculously reasonably priced wonderfully soft Fair Trade yarns from Peru and Bolivia. FrogTree, the company, is actually T&C Imports, a non-profit, so all the profits from the wholesale sales of their yarns goes to the artisans who create them and to support education and environmental projects in their communities. So, great yarns and great causes all wrapped up together. To read more about them, click on this link:
We only carry a few of the yarns that Muench yarns offers, so Kirsten Muench is sending us a whole bunch of stuff for you to try out.  You can help me to decide whether to expand our offerings of their yarns based on what you like at the tasting.

Semper Fi CommunityTask Force
Knitting/Crocheting Project
The first shawls have been started. If you'd like to join in but haven't had a chance yet, just hit the reply button and do so today. If you've already volunteered, Sarah is in the process of putting some patterns together with some of the yarns that have been donated, so you'll be getting a separate email from me in a few days. Those of you already working on projects can just ignore that email.
Again if you're willing to participate in this project and haven't signed on yet, please send me an email (you can reply to this newsletter) and let me know. Please include your phone number, what kind of project you would like to make, and if you're not a frequent visitor to the shop, some information on your skill level. 
Upcoming Classes

CEY Scarf for 102Part 2 of our Introductory knitting series - Knitting Essentials 102 starts this Wednesday and there are one or two openings left. This class will be held onWednesday afternoons, July 24th, 31st and August 14th, from 530 to 730pm. The registration fee is $65.00. Read more here.   

SheepFelted SHEEP! Yes, we are doing a single session Needle Felting Class  on Saturday August 24th from 430 to 630pm - this little fellow pictured here is now sitting on the shop counter looking adorable. We also have other felted creature kits in transit, in addition to some we already have in stock but we'll be doing sheep in the class. Click  here for the details. The registration fee for this one session class is $45. but that includes your kit and tools to create your first sheep. Then, if you're ambitious, you can try the bear, the birds, the pigs, the buffalo and hopefully ponies are coming as well. Or you can buy fiber and a book and create your own critters..... 
We have tentative dates for several more classes: Kirsten's Intro Sockclass is tentatively scheduled for Saturday mornings, August 24th, 31st and September 7th; her Felted Market Bag class is planned for 3 sessions in September - still trying to decide between Mondays and Wednesdays, and her Cowl class will be September 14th and 21st (Saturday) mornings.
 If you're interested in any of these, feel free to call the shop and let them know; I'll send out more information as soon as we have the rest of the details. 
And more classes are coming - Crocheted Baby Surprise Jacket is still projected for for early September (is there any interest in taking the Knitted Surprise Jacket class? - we haven't offered it in awhile and I just started one out of a really cute soft yarn - Pluscious - that just came in from Cascade...). Let us know what you want and we'll see what we can come up with.
First of the Classic Elite KAL projects!
Cheryl's CEY Artemis in Classic Silk
Cheryl has her first project done (yes, I said first, she's making at least one more.....) - it's the Artemis pattern in Classic Silk, from the Atlantis pattern booklet. Wendy also has her project, a summery sweater in Seedling, completed.
The picture here is Cheryl's Artemis. We'll show you Wendy's sweater next time.

Remember, I have to have images of your finished project by the end of the month to be eligible for the CEY Gift basket so send those pictures in as soon as you can. If you can't send a picture, bring your project into the shop and have one of the shop staff photograph it and send it to me. And if you changed projects after you signed up, make sure we have all the yarn and pattern information.
Reminder about the floor problem - so please be careful as you walk into the newer section of the shop! 
The floor problem is still unresolved. The subcontractor who installed the flooring, Greg Slaten / Slaten's Flooring (256.656.7936),  has refused to fix the problems that came from not doing the job right. Channel 48 was apparently not interested, so I'm reaching out to Channels 19 next. If anyone knows anyone in the local consumer advocacy business, send them my way. And feel free to spread the word; we all need to act against shoddy workmanship.

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