Monday, August 5, 2013

5 NEW CLASSES and Yarn Tasting Registration Deadline!!

3 New Knitting Classes and 2 New Crochet classes are scheduled, and there are still a few spots left for Felted Sheep.

We still have some spots left for the Yarn Tastings but the deadline is approaching. We need to get your goodie bags ready!

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Yarn and Needle Tasting Next Week!
And there are still some slots available, both on Saturday and on Sunday, although there are a few more on Sunday!
Click here for your flyer on theNeedle and Yarn Tasting; then come into the shop and sign up. Our goodie bags are going to contain twists of 6 different yarns, some we carry and some we don't, so that you can try out new things.
August 17th or August 18th - both dates are currently available, and your $10 registration fee goes to animal rescue. And did we mention that there will be lots and possibly lots and lots of doorprizes to take home?
If you're not familiar with FrogTree yarns, their yarns are ridiculously reasonably priced wonderfully soft Fair Trade yarns from Peru and Bolivia. FrogTree, the company, is actually T&C Imports, a non-profit, so all the profits from the wholesale sales of their yarns goes to the artisans who create them and to support education and environmental projects in their communities. So, great yarns and great causes all wrapped up together. To read more about them, click on this link:
We only carry a few of the yarns that Muench yarns offers, so Kirsten Muench is sending us a whole bunch of stuff for you to try out.  You can help me to decide whether to expand our offerings of their yarns based on what you like at the tasting. I think the list she sent had over 30 yarns on it. 
And we've gotten about 2 dozen Knitter's Pride Needles in for the tasting, and the loaner set of the new Nova Cubics is in the box along with the tasting samples (which will only be available to play with at the tastings - while we have them on order, they haven't shipped yet from the manufacturer, so this is a super sneak peak of these).
Registration will close on Sunday, August 11th so we can get the twists and pattern sets ready in time for the event.

5 NEW Classes Scheduled!
SheepFelted SHEEP! There are still a few openings in our single session Needle Felting Class  on Saturday August 24th from 430 to 630pm - this little fellow pictured here is now sitting on the shop counter looking adorable. We also have other felted creature kits in transit, in addition to some we already have in stock but we'll be doing sheep in the class. Click  here for the details. The registration fee for this one session class is $45. but that includes your kit and tools to create your first sheep. Then, if you're ambitious, you can try the bear, the birds, the pigs, the buffalo and hopefully ponies are coming as well. Or you can buy fiber and a book and create your own critters..... 
Five new classes:  The first is Kirsten's take on socks - the class is calledYour First Sock and it is a cuff down sock, using either double-point needles or the Magic Loop technique.  The class will meet on Saturday August 24th, 31st and September 7th from 9 to 11am. The registration fee is $65. and the details are here.
Felted Market Bag
The second is her Felted Market Bag class. We've just ordered a nice restock of Brown Sheep Shepherd's Shade so you'll have lots of colors to pick from to make your bag your very own. This class will meet on Monday August 26th, September 9th and 23rd, from 530 to 730pm; and the registration fee is $65.Click here  to read all the details.
And for crocheters, we've got the Crocheted Baby Surprise Jacket. Learn how to turn this: Unsewn CBS Jacket
Into this:  Red CBS Jacket
This class will meet on Wednesday August 28th, September 4th and September 11th, from 530 to 730pm. The registration fee is $65. and the class flyer is here.
Another offering for Crocheters: the crocheted version of the ever-popular Wingspan - Crocheted Wingspan. We've got 2 models in the shop so comeCrochetWingspancheck them out. This class is being offered on Saturday mornings, on September 14th, and 21st and October 5th from 930 to 1130am. The registration fee is $65Click here for all the details.
And the last of this batch of classes is Kirsten's Cozy Comfy Cowl, which if you knit from her recommended Cascade Eco Duo, is also going to be one of the softest things you've ever worn. You will never want to take it off. Think Alpaca! Read all the details here.  The class will meet onWednesdays -  September 18th and 25th - from 530 to 730pm and the registration fee is $45. Lots of great techniques will be taught in this class - provisional cast-on, cable knitting, and the infamous Kitchner bind-off/grafting.
Registration will open on all of these new classes on Tuesday morning, August 6th. Grab your spots quickly. We think these will sell out. 
Semper Fi CommunityTask Force
Knitting/Crocheting Project
The shawl projects are coming along nicely. We've gotten almost a half dozen shawls in already, and have yarn for over a dozen more waiting to be picked up by our volunteers. Sarah is the person to see if you've signed up and need to pick up yarn.
Classic Elite KAL projects!
Cheryl's CEY Artemis in Classic Silk
We ended up with five completed projects and here they are: White CloverCharlotteRocky PondEmerson Rocks

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