Friday, October 4, 2013

1000 Skeins marked down 25%, ON SALE THIS WEEKEND for 40% instead....

Yarn ExpressionsYes, we are making room for new fall, winter and holiday yarns coming in, so we marked down an absolute ton of great yarns, AND we're plussing up the discount this Friday, Saturday and Sunday - read all about it.

A quick note: if you're one of our readers who doesn't want anything but yarn related news in our newsletter, you'll want to just read the first half of the newsletter. The second half is a plug for an upcoming concert at the VBC Concert Hall that I think everyone on the planet should attend.....

A Special SALE on SALE Yarns!

We need to make room for new winter and holiday yarns coming in so we've gone nuts doing permanent markdowns on something like 1000 skeins of yarn, including selected Madeline Tosh yarns, a few sock yarns, laceweight yarns, some of our yarns with cashmere in them, our llama blends - all sorts of great things, including our one-of-a-kind single skein custom-dyed yarns.
These are yarns that may have been discontinued by the manufacturer, or ones we tried in multiple weights and settled on a different one, or regular wool where we're carrying the superwash version instead, or... And of course, a few are from companies that have gone out of business.... And yes, we do have sweater quantities in a few of the yarns, but only a few....

All of these yarns are tagged with little orange stickers, and usually are in the baskets rack on the back wall.
But we marked down so much stuff today that they don't fit back there, so we've loaded up a whole gondola display.

And we're not just marking them down. We're having a BONUS SALE on them this weekend. So,

ALL ORANGE-STICKERED merchandise (includes our sale books and magazines) is:
40% OFF Friday, Saturday & Sunday

instead of 25%.

No coupons necessary, but that means that everyone who walks in the shop will be able to get these great bargains.
And now, the second half of the newsletter: 

 If you like music, especially some that is interesting and a little bit different, check this
out and join us at the VBC Concert Hall on Friday
October 25th for a truly memorable experience.

And bring your kids and your grandkids ‐ this concert is for everyone!

Want to know what this is all about? Here are a
few YouTube links:

Almost 16 million hits (it's moved channels a few
times): Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal:
Their breakout hit that went viral and launched
their career:
A little bit classical:

2CELLOS ‐ Benedictus [LIVE VIDEO]

And one other video, just for variety:

2CELLOS ‐ We Found Love ‐ Rihanna ft.
Calvin Harris [LIVE VIDEO]

The Huntsville Symphony is sponsoring the concert but will not be participating this time around, unfortunately. Maybe next time....

And if you want more, there's an entire YouTube channel full of them, rock and classical: 2CELLOSLive
And if you're even more curious:
Tickets are available online at the Symphony office  or by calling the Symphony office at 256‐539‐4818.

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