Monday, October 14, 2013

ONE DAY SALE 75% off previously marked clearance yarns


75 % OFF

on selected yarns already permanently marked to 40% off.
We need room to mark some of our older 25% off yarns down to 40% off, but the 40% off bins are overflowing. And there are some serious goodies in there at these prices. Some of the staff have been eyeing them.
If you donate knitted items and typically use big box yarns, this is your chance to get some of the better stuff for big box yarn prices, so come in and clean us out, please!
And it's time for classes again...
Kirsten is back from her summer gallivanting and has a whole series of classes planned. Sharon, our crochet class instructor, is re-offering 2 classes and is also joining our staff.

We're kicking things off with a classic - Knitting Essentials, also known as
Introduction to Knitting. This time around, Kirsten has found another interesting hat, although I think she's mixing things up a little to teach her beginners lots of good stuff. The flyer is here. The class will be held on Wednesdays, starting on October 30th, at 530pm. The registration fee is $65.
Felted Market Bag

We had so much fun the first time around, that Kirsten is re-offering her Felted Market Bag class. It will start on Monday November 4th at 530pm, and all the details are available here.The
registration fee is $65. and we've restocked all the colors of Brown Sheep Company's Shepherd's Shade so you can personalize your bag exactly the way you want to.

And we've got a new class for you - the Chesil Beach Scarf / Shawl class. Kirsten has cooked up this class to introduce a little bit of basic chart reading, a little bit of basic lace knitting, and a lovely finished project at the end. Read all the details here. This class will meet on Saturday mornings, starting on November 9th, at 9am; the registration fee is $65.

Crochet Essentials, our introductory class, is back. We've had a lot of calls asking for this, so please spread the word to everyone you know - we won't have it again until after the new year. Saturday afternoons, starting November 9th, at 4pm. The flyer with the details is here.

Crocheted Wingspan, this time on Sundayafternoons, starting November 10th at 330pm. 3 sessions, $65. registration fee. Click here for the details. We usually do this out of sock yarn, but I think it may be great fun to crochet out of RYN Kauni, and then felt it.... Just an idea....

And Kirsten's Cozy Comfy Cowl was also a great success, especially if knit from one of our super soft Alpaca yarns, so it's being offered again. The class will start on Wednesday, November 20th, at 530. The registration fee is $45. Click here for all the information.

And another repeat - the participants in our firstSheepoffering of Felted Sheep though they'd make great holiday ornaments, so we're offering the class again, and stocking up on all the different kits so you can go crazy after you've mastered the basic sheep techniques. This is a 2 hourSaturday afternoon class on November 23rd at 430pm. The $55. registration fee includes your kit with supplies for 2 sheep. Here's  the flyer.
Grandmother's Knitalong...
I think Kirsten wants company while she knits for her grandkids. Anyway, we're thinking of offering a Friday morning knitalong session from 10am to noon,  specifically for grandparents knitting for their grandkids, although, as always, everyone is welcome to sit in. 
Participants can choose their own baby pattern, for either a boy or a girl.  Kirsten is considering the Tin Can Knit patterns we have in stock.  Call the shop or come by and let us know if you're interested.
Sweater Quantities
Customers occasionally ask why we don't carry many yarns in "sweater quantities," especially for our larger sized projects.
The short answer is that we only have a limited amount of space, and I'm not good enough to second guess all of you and know what you will want. 
Every season, I meet with sales reps from about 2 dozen companies, all of whom want me to order all of the wonderful yarns their companies have come out with for that season, in all the wonderful colors. And that doesn't even include the small indie companies who I find at market. 
We would need at least ten million square feet (I am not exagerating) to hold all the wonderful yarns I see every year and want to buy, in large enough quantities that the exact yarn that a specific customer wants for a sweater will be there for her. And we have less than 3000 sqft, so I have to make decisions. 
One decision I've made is to buy smaller quantities, so that I can offer you a wider variety of yarns, and in more colors. The benefit to you is that you get to play with more different yarns.
But in most cases, we can order the yarns you want, and have it in about 2 weeks, if it's in stock at the manufacturer/distributor. I've set up my ordering so that I get an average of 2 shipments a month from our top ten suppliers, so it's not that difficult for me to add a bag or two of this or that to an upcoming order. And if I add it to an existing order, it usually ships freight free, so you don't have to pay a shipping fee.
So, if there's something you want or need, and we don't have enough, or we don't have the right color, or we just don't have the yarn you want, talk to the shop staff - if it's something we can get for you, we certainly will.
And if anyone wants to see the struggle to pick next season's yarns, drop me an email and we'll arrange for you to sit in when one of my sales reps comes calling. They're starting to book their appointments to show the spring lines.

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