Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lots and Lots and Lots of Classes and Something else a little different - read on!

Today's newsletter has a slightly different assortment of news: We have over 20 classes on the schedule over the next two months, knitting and crocheting classes and some other fun classes, and more coming, for later in October and November.

There's also a reminder to everyone about our participation in the Wounded Warriors Shawl Knitting project. And another reminder about the shop being up for sale.

And something truly different: Read the newsletter to learn more about these talented teenagers appearing on America's Got Talent on Tuesday, August 19th - and I am hustling votes for them:

Check out their YouTube channel: 

and then go online tonight and vote for them.

A Full Season of Classes!
The Crocheted Fiesta Peacock Shawl Class originally scheduled to begin this past week has been bumped one week, and will now start this upcoming Sunday, so come in now and register. 

The list below is all the classes we currently have scheduled. Click on the class name to pull up the flyer and get all the details.

Crocheted Beach Hat: starting August 20th.
CrochetAlong Afghan: starting August 23rd.
ZoomLoom Infinity Scarf: starting August 29th.
Bavarian Cowl: single session: September 6th.
Weekend Jacket: starting September 10th.
Knitting Essentials 101: starting September 10th.
Christmas Trifecta (Hat, mitts, boot toppers): starting September 13th.
Top Down (Knitted) Sweater: starting September 15th.
Crochet Essentials 101: starting September 15th.
Crochet Essentials 102:starting September 16th.
Crocheted Cardigan: starting September 17th.
Knitted Christmas Stockings: starting September 17th.
Tall, Dark and Handsome (Men's Holiday Gift): starting September 22nd.
Arm Knitted Cowl: single session: September 22nd.
Simple First (Knitted) Lace Shawl: starting October 2nd.
(Knitted) Felted Slippers: starting October 4th.
Cozy Luxury Cowl: starting October 9th.
Crocheted Sister Shawl (variation): starting October 12th.
Some of the other classes in the works for the next few months include a needle felted scarf class, a needle felted "critters" class, a triloom class, a class using weaving sticks, and then hopefully something in the late fall on Rigid Heddle looms...
The Wounded Warrior Shawl Project is Back!
It's time to get started knitting and crocheting shawls, wraps and stoles for the local Semper Fi group. Like last year, they will give our contributions to female wounded warriors and to spouses and caregivers of male wounded vets to wear to the Semper Fi formal event in November. 

Come into the shop and sign out some of the yarn donated by some of our suppliers and get started or use something you already have at home, or buy something from us (and get a partial yarn credit if you bring your receipt in when you turn in the shawl). You may use any pattern you choose - one you already own, or something from Ravelry or other online sources.

Please save the ballbands from the yarn so that washing instructions can be passed on to the recipients. 
And Another Something Different!
Today I'm h 
ustling votes for two very talented teenagers 
Emil & Dariel, soundcheck in Orlando with Stjepan Hauser & Luka Sulic (2CELLOS) 26 Oct 2013
appearing on Tuesday nights' episode of America's Got Talent, Emil and Dariel Liakhovetski. It's not a sh 
ow I would normally 
watch, but I have met these boys and their family, seen them play live and would very much like to see them win. Anyone and everyone can cast up to 30  
tes, and I'm asking you, even if you wouldn't n
ormally watch this, to do so tonight and support these kids.

Here's some information about them:

Here's their first appearance on America's Got Talent: 

Here's their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheLiakhovetskiBros

And here's information on how to vote for them: http://www.nbc.com/americas-got-talent/vote/help

Shop Sale
We have had some general inquiries, but no one has made a comittment yet, so if you are considering a career change, want to be your own boss, want to make your beloved hobby more than just a hobby, or just don't want to see Huntsville without a real local yarn shop, send me an email, or call me to talk about the possibilities. Shop staff can give you my direct office phone number.

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