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We're having a fantastic Labor Day Weekend Sale - with some spectacular one-of-a-kind yarns and kits included so come on in to the shop on Saturday, Sunday and Mondayand have some serious yarn fun! 

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In this newsletter...
Sale!! Sale!! Sale!! And OOAK and Limited Edition Specials are Included!
Mesh Yarns and Books
Schedule Changes: Upcoming Classes and Workshops
Cascade Yarn Tasting
MadTosh Special Order Window is open!
Yes, we are having a sale this weekend - Saturday, Sunday & Monday!!
(Does not apply to any special orders, Ravelry patterns, or any merchandise not actually out on the shop floor).
Something Special we have for this weekend is our One of a Kind and Limited Edition Colorways kits and yarns collection on sale.
When I went to the National Needlearts Association market this summer, I was able to buy all these single skeins of yarn to check out different and interesting yarns that we don't carry in the shop, so I did. And many of the companies were giving away free patterns with the yarns to encourage us to knit the yarns. So, since it is not ever possible for me to knit or crochet or weave everything that I need or want to, I am sharing these with you as kits. I was very good - I am only allowing myself to keep four skeins, and it was very very very hard to pick which four.
They are mostly single skeins of yarn - and DK or fingering although there is one skein of a delicious bison that is heavier, and they almost all come with a free pattern. They are priced at the yarn only price - the patterns, many of which are from Michelle Miller (the Fickle Knitter), are a bonus. And these are some seriously nice yarns - cashmere blends, silk blends, yarns from small indie dyers, so if you want to make a gift for someone (or for yourself) that you are not going to find anyone else around here making, this is one way to do it.
We also have a limited selection of Colinton Angora Mohair. This is not like any mohair you have ever seen or felt before, and even if you can't usually work with mohair, you want to check this yarn out. We have test colors - their dyer did a whole bunch of colors in the different weights to find the colors they wanted to feature in their palette, and they are selling all the ones they decided not to use this year. So we have an assortment of their colors in 3 different weights, and these are limited to stock on hand. I got all they had of the color weight combinations I selected.
And then there are our limited edition colorways. We have been working on some custom school color sock yarns (the last test batch is being run this weekend, so hopefully we'll start having the yarns in about 2 weeks) and so have been experimenting with yarn bases and striping patterns.
Our marvelous and spectacular indie dyer, Roo, who creates a lot of the fiber mixes we sell in the shop, has dyed a pile of skeins for us of all sorts of different and exotic yarns in addition to our sock yarn tests. We have one skein of handspun mink, several skeins of various cashmeres and blends, some tibetan yak, some super fine baby camel laceweight, and then we have a whole pile of different sock yarns in different colors. And since these came straight from the mill to us and into Roo's dyepot, they are a bit more reasonably priced than if they have to go through large distributor who has to pay rep commissions and warehouse overhead costs, and they are ON SALE!!!
The sock yarns aren't dyed in school colors yet. These yarns we're selling now were created to test the striping patterns that Diane developed for us, but they are all gorgeous and will make great one-of-kind projects. There are 3 different overdyed skeins of Koigu KPPPM in the most delicious shades of purple and all sorts of interesting sock yarns from 3 of our suppliers.
If you are interested in school color sock yarn, let the shop staff know what colors you're interested in so that we can dye the colors you want. Several staff members have seen the first test samples, and apparently approve. One skein didn't even make it out onto the shop sales floor so I think we're on the right track.
Since we don't really have a good way to showcase this many OOAK items in the shop all the time, we're offering them to you on sale, so that you can get them now to start with your early holiday gifts and help us make room for the wonderful fall yarns that are starting to come in.
Did I remember to mention the 100% laceweight silk from Aurora Yarns? Just a few skeins - 900 to 1100 yards - you won't find these just anywhere. Yes, on sale!
I may have gotten myself a skein or two of these, but we're not keeping track....

Mesh yarns and books1

Mesh Yarns!
We will have more glittery mesh yarns in by late September, but we still have a little of the light summer colors and some fall colors as well.
We also carry Papillon and some other mesh yarns from FourSeasons which make fun ruffled scarves for petite women and in kid sizes. The mesh is narrower and the skein is shorter so it works out perfectly.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Books! Lots and lots of Books!
And books - all the newest ones - and all the ones you've been looking for and thinking about. We have so many books that we've run out of places to put them. And not just knitting books, but crocheting books, and beading books and felting books and books to make toys and dolls and fun stuff for kids.
We still have a few copies of Storey Publishing's Cast On Bind Off by Leslie Bestor that came out last month, but we've also just received Martingale Press's Cast On Bind Off by Cap Sease. Both of these are useful useful reference books. And if they sell out, we will get more...

And now for the Back to School stuff!!
Please Note: The Beaded Row Counter bracelet workshop has been moved to Saturday September 8th, and the Sock Anatomy class will be held at 530 in the evening, instead of 930 in the morning.
And we are planning more October and November classes so read on....

We're starting back up with a reprise of Introduction to Knitting Knit101 Hat taught by Joan Cook. Please spread the word to your friends and family who've always wanted to learn to knit that Joan, who is the absolute best Intro Knitting instructor on the planet, has agreed to teach one more class for this year. The class will meet on 3 Saturday mornings in September - the 8th, 15th and 22nd, from 9 to 11am and the registration fee is $65.00. Click here for all the details.

Beaded Row Counter Bracelet: RESCHEDULED TO A NEW DATE: Saturday September 8th at 4pm. Row Counter BraceletRegistration Fee: $25.00; The Beaded Row Counter Bracelet created in this workshop uses the same counting method as an abacus. You will learn how to make the bracelet and also how to use it. Click here for the general details - the date change is not shown on the flyer.
Basic Sock Anatomy: RESCHEDULED TO A NEW TIME:Monday September 10th, Wednesday September 12th and Friday September 14th at 530pm. Registration Fee: $65.00; Diane Lyles will be offering her ever-popular Anatomy of a SockSockParts class for those of you wanting to knit socks for holiday gifts but afraid to begin those patterns that have kitchner and gusset and heel flaps and all sorts of other intimidating sockisms. Let Diane demystify it for you as you knit a sock (possibly a funny sized Sock1 one, but an entire sock nonetheless) in 3 class sessions. While this class was created for first-time sock knitters, it is also great for those who have knitted a few socks and not been happy with them and also for folks suffering from Single Sock Syndrome who haven't found knitting socks to be as much fun as they'd hoped. Diane can make it fun! Click here for the general details - the time change is not shown on this flyer.
Tri-Loom Weaving: Saturday, September 15th or Sunday September 16th, from 4 to 7 pm. Registration Fee: $35.00, plus $10. loom use fee to instructor if you do not own a tri-loom. 3ft Tri-looms may be purchased from the instructor. If you've always been fascinated by weaving but TriLoom overwhelmed by looms with heddles and peddles and shuttles and all that weaving stuff, this is for you. In 3 hours, you can complete a small shawlette - how's that for instant gratification? Click here for more details. These make great gifts just as they are, or you can combine them to make larger shawls or afghans. And you can always move up to a larger loom for larger projects.

And yes, at long last, Jessica has some free time, and will be teaching Plymouth 1720 pattern the Top-Down Raglan Sweater aka Your First Sweater. While this class is not limited to knitters who've never attempted a sweater before, it is a great sweater for those who're overwhelmed at the thought of knitting all those separate pieces and putting them together. This sweater is knitted all in one piece and is a very versatile pattern because you can make the sleeves as long or as short as you want them, and you can make the length as long or as short as you want it, and the pattern spans 5 sizes so you can make it to fit almost anyone once you've mastered the basic sweater. This class will begin on Sunday October 7th and will meet at 2 week intervals so that participants will have adequate time to complete their knitting to the stage needed for the next session. The class will meet on Sunday October 7th, 21st and November 4th at 4pm and the registration fee is $65.00. Click here for the rest of the details.

No details yet, but Diane is hoping to reoffer her Pocket Flyer class, this time featuring her Spider Web Flyer and is also working on something to do with gloves, and mittens and fingerless mitts and....

And she and Jessica have been trying to decide about workshops for blocking and for finishing - absolutely necessary skills if you want your finished projects to just have that super-finished look - and something they are both great at.

We are planning to reprise the Knitted and Crocheted Snowflake workshops later in the season if there is interest. So, if you'd like to attend either of these, or if there is any other class you would like to see offered, please email me at and let me know. Our website now includes a listing of all previous classes offered. All of these classes are available if we can get a group together. Our instructors typically have a 4 student minimum.
Cascade Yarn Tasting: September 29th & 30th
Plans for the yarn tasting are coming along nicely and we are planning a mini-kit including one of Cascade's newest yarns for everyone to take home. In addition to all the goodies Mike (see below) is bringing.

This yarn tasting is completely different from our previous ones, so make sure to register soon. We have two sessions scheduled, on September 29th and 30th. The Sunday session is filling up faster than the Saturday one, so if you want to come to the Sunday sessCascadeion, come in and sign up, or call the shop and send us a check.

Mike, our Cascade rep,will be here and set up a shop full of yarn tasting stations and is bringing doorprizes (lots of them) as well.
We'll have lots of trunk show models for you to check out and Mike will be here with all of his color cards, so that you can order anything you'd like from their line, even if we don't normally carry it. And we'll have the books that go with the trunk show models.
And yes, there is a registration fee that goes to Animal Rescue. Have I mentioned that we're becoming very popular with the local Animal Rescue groups?

Click here for the Event flyer with all the details.

Madeline Tosh Special Order Window is Open
As those of you who are MadTosh fans know, there can be a very long wait for these yarns. I signed us up for a fall order back in early July, and it is schedule tMadToshlogoo be dyed and shipped sometime in October. Since we are in the queue, we have flexibility. We can change our order for about 4 weeks, until the end of September, and add other MadTosh yarns and / or colors as needed. So, if any of you who would like to get something specific for a project you have in mind, this is your last chance for this year from us. We do have color samples in the shop to help you decide your selections. We do not have our color sample yet of the newest colors, but we still have too many to pick from.

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