Friday, October 12, 2012

We're having a Sock Yarn Sale; and a sale on selected Mesh Yarns, and have 2 new trunk shows and lots of new yarn and ....

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It's Time for a Sale!
New Yarns and Patterns!
Muffet's Menace Hat workshop on Oct 20
Special Orders coming soon!
Twitter: @YarnExpressions
It's Time for a Sale!
We are having a very special little sale this weekend. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we are putting ALL of our SOCK yarns on sale, and a selection of our MESH yarns too.
10% off 1 (100 gm) skein of Sock Yarn
20% off 2 (100 gm) skeins of Sock Yarn
30% off 3 (or more) (100 gm) skeins of Sock Yarn
2 50gm skeins may be substituted for a single 100gm skein. 50gm skeins do not have to be the same yarn.
Selected Mesh Yarns
35% off on Rozetti Spectra &Spectra Duet Mesh Yarns
35% off on 4Seasons Papillon & Tango BiColor Mesh Yarns
Sock books discounted at the same rate as your sock yarns. So, if you buy 3 100gm skeins of sock yarn, you can get your sock books for 30% off
New Yarns & Patterns in the Shop!
We have 2 new trunk shows in from Classic Elite - Liberty Wool Kids for Liberty Wool Kids sizes 2 through 12, and Ebony and Ivory knitted in the lovely alpaca and bamboo Vail. We have both books in as well as a nice supply of Vail. We do have LIberty Wool in stock, with more coming in about 2 weeks or so.
SMC Frilly
We have 2 new mesh yarns in stock, from SMC. Frilly and Argentina Color both come in wonderful fall colors, and we also have restocks of Starbella Stripe in both the orange and SMC ArgentinaColorblue colorway and the red, white and black/gray colorway. Marina and Marina Glitz are also finally back in stock in a great selection of fall and holiday colors.
JCB PassionChunky
Plymouth Holiday Lights (Encore with Glitter) is back in stock, as is Universal Classic Shades and a new yarn from SMC called Passion Chunky - it's a bit Circuslike the Classic Shades but slightly heavier and comes in wonderful colors and practically knits itself. And a fun yarn from Berroco called Circus.
Upcoming Classes Updates:
Muffet'sMenaceHatTextured Two Color Hat Class: Another single session (3 hour) workshop from Diane - this time teaching her adorable Muffet's Menace hat pattern. The fee is $35. and the class will run from 1030 to 130pm on Saturday Oct 20th. will be in the shop in the next few days.

We are working on some snowflake and shawl workshops for November and December, so keep checking your newsletter for updates.
Incoming Special Orders!
The Cascade special orders from last weekends Yarn Tasting Event are now on their way - they should be in by the end of next week (it takes a full week and then some for the boxes to make it down here from Tukwila, WA). And to whomever left their jacket in the shop after Saturday's tasting, we have it in back whenever you want to come by and pick it up.
And the winner of the Yarn Tasting Grand Prize is Destany Wymore - so Destany, when you see this, come in and pick up your amazing alpaca afghan kit.
The MadelineTosh folks are aiming to dye our yarns around the last week of October, so we should have them no more than a day or two after that. They're only coming from Texas, and they tend to ship as soon as the dyes are set and the yarns dry.
We now Tweet: @YarnExpressions
We have added Twitter as another way of keeping you updated on what's going on in the shop. If you're interested, click on the Follow us logo to Follow us on Twitter!

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